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Welcome to my home page! I was previously the Group Manager of the Computer Architecture Simulation group at SICS, but since summer 1998 my SICS role is only that of a scientific advisor to the CNA lab. Most of my time these days is spent as CEO of Virtutech.

In my previous life at SICS I did research on simulation techniques - my current research interests include real time and fault tolerant systems. Among our projects was developing the simulation platform Simics, which became the basis for Virtutech, the first SICS spin-off. I originally joined SICS in 1991.

In the days of yore when I had more time, I was for a while a columnist for Datateknik, and some of my earlier columns are on-line here. I was also staff representative on the SICS board, and did the occasional talk on technology trends etc (see below).

I studied computer science (MSc) at the Royal Institute of Technology and business administration (MBA) at the Stockholm School of Economics. In my spare time, I hope to complete a PhD in Computer Science any decade now; my advisor is Per Stenström.

By the way, this page was first put up in April, 1994. Here are the early access stats.

General interests: Travel, bridge, musicals, human history, philosophy (especially history of), high-tech entrepeneurship, computer history, operating systems, algorithm design and implementation, man-machine interface, internet, world wide web. I enjoy scuba diving, rock climbing, downhill skiing, tennis, and squash, but I'm not good at any of them, and after developing RSI I've had to quite most.

Research focus: Simulation, emulation, binary translation. Here is a list of some publications.

address (SICS):      Phone (SICS):        +46 8 633 1500    address (home):
SICS                 Fax (SICS):          +46 8 751 7230    Braxenvägen 7A
Box 1263             Telex:            812 6154 176 SICS    S-181 30 LIDINGÖ
SE-164 28 KISTA      Teletex:     2401-812 6154 176 SICS    Sweden
Sweden               Phone (Virtutech):  +46 8 690 07 21
                     Fax (Virtutech):    +46 8 690 07 29
address (Virtutech): Cellular:          +46 70 937 00 96
Virtutech            Fax (home):         +46 8 446 09 10
Norrtullsgatan 15
Package and Courier deliveries to SICS: SICS, Isafjordsgatan 22, 164 28 KISTA
Best way to get hold of me is to first try the office number at Virtutech, then try the mobile.

Selected Talks

These talks are really outdated, but I find them interesting precisely because they are a bit old.

Web projects


I write a sort-of-monthly column in Datateknik, a Swedish computer magazine. Some of my columns involved a significant amount of web surfing. Most useful is probably:

The complete list of columns is here.

In case you didn't know it, the Web was the brainchild of Tim Berners-Lee at CERN. It was conceived of in March 1989, but really took of when NCSA released Marc Andreessen's Mosaic in February 1993. Now if the Web began with European funding, why is all the fun stuff happening over there?