4th ERCIM Workshop on
User Interfaces for All

Stockholm, Sweden
19-21 October, 1998

Special Theme
"Towards an Accessible Web"

 Tentative Workshop Programme


9:00-9:30 Opening Address
Constantine Stephanidis
9:30-10:15 Invited talk
Daniel Dardailler
10:15-10:30 Coffee
10:30-11:20 Design Methodology for Universal Access
Session Chair: Daniel Dardailler
  • S. Keates, P.J. Clarkson, P. Robinson: 

  • Developing a methodology for the design of accessible interfaces
  • P.L. Emiliani, C. Stephanidis:

  • Focusing on an international R&D agenda for Universal Accessibility: Reflections from the 2nd ISF workshop 
11:30-12:20 Extending the Browser Metaphor
Session chair: Mike Paciello
  • M. Beigl, A. Schmidt, M. Lauff, H.-W. Gellersen: 

  • The UbicompBrowser
  • D. Stanyer, R. Procter:

  • Link Lens: An Enhanced Link User Interface 
12:30 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Adaptivity and Adaptiveness
Session chair: Noëlle Carbonell
  • N. Scott, I-M Jonsson, J. Jackson:

  • Disconnecting the application from the interaction model
  • A. Lehtola, C. Bounsaythip, J. Tenni:

  • Controlled Language technology in Multilingual User Interfaces
  • Y. Zhao, E. Tyugu:

  • Towards a Personalised Browser for Elderly Users 
15:00 Coffee
15:30-6:15 Invited talk: Information Technology and Disabilities Access - The Black Hole of
Human Centered Design
Mike Paciello
Information Technology is the backbone of the new millennium. Next generation interfaces, new digital media, emerging telecommunications technology and high-peformance, advanced information systems comprise the new global information infrastructure. At the core of this technology is the human factor -- how people use information, why, when and where. The importance of human centered design has never been as critical -- particularly when it lacks the essence of sensory design: designing for people with disabilities. 
This talk describes the current state of IT and access for people with disabilities. It suggests that the strategy for the future state requires a new direction and proposes a creative, international initiative.
16:30-17:30 Poster session
  • R.E. de Vries and N.J.I. Mars:

  • Design of a user interface for searching documents indexed with controlled terms 
  • H. Weber, F. Leidermann, and K.J. Zink:

  • Access to Telecommunication for the Non-Speaking
  • (R. Jamilah, K. Hasyim, and Z.M. Kasirun:

  • Hierarchical Task Analysis Made Easier  for Interface Design)
19:00 Dinner


9:00-9:50 WWW Browsers for All
Session chair: Constantine Stephanidis
  • C. Stephanidis, A. Paramythis, D. Akoumianakis, M. Sfyrakis:
    Self-Adapting Web-based Systems: Towards Universal Accessibility 
  • D. Hermsdorf, H. Gappa, M. Pieper:

  • WebAdapter: A prototype of a WWW-browser with new special needs adaptations
10:00- 10:50 Design Principles and Guidelines
Session chair: Pier Luigi Emiliani
  • J. Vanderdonckt:

  • Towards a Corpus of Validated Web Design Guidelines
  • C. Stephanidis, A. Paramythis, D. Akoumianakis, M. Sfyrakis:

  • Universal accessibility in HCI: Process-oriented design guidelines and tool requirements 
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Information Filtering and Presentation
Session chair: Annika Waern
  • T. Käpylä, I. Niemi, A. Lehtola:

  • Towards an Accessible Web by Applying PUSH Technology
  • P. Gray, R. Cooper, J. Kennedy, N. Pato:

  • A Lightweight Presentation Model for Teallach
12:30 Lunch
14:00-14:50 Design methodology for Universal Access II
Session chair: 
  • R. Corrao, G. Fulantelli:

  • Cognitive accessibility to information on the Web: insights from a system for teaching and learning Architecture through the Net
  • M. Forsberg, K. Höök, M. Svensson:

  • Design Principles for Social Navigation Tools 
15:00 Coffee

Tuesday evening: Workshop Dinner

17:30 The boat 'Vånö' leaves from Strömkajen 
- allow at least half an hour to get there!
18:30 approx.  Arrival in Waxholm
19:30 Dinner at 'Waxholms Världshus'
21:45 Bus back to Stockholm
22:15 approx. Bus arrives at Långholmen


9:00-12:00     WG meeting 'User Interfaces for All'
10:30             Coffee
12:00             Lunch
13:30-17:00   Joint session with Delos workshop 'User interfaces for digital libraries'
15:00             Coffee
19:00             Dinner

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