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Related work in Parallel Logic Programming

The COMPULOG NET is a good starting point for research in Parallel Logic Programming.

The Programming Systems Lab at DFKI is developing Oz a very interesting concurrent constraint system.

The Computer Science Department at Uppsala University is working on Reform Prolog . A recursion parallel implementation of Prolog. The have shown very good figures on there system that is available for research purposes.

Related work in Parallel Programming

The work by Arvind and the Computation Structures Group at MIT on pH is very interesting since it is also a system that provides implicit parallelism. The memo Semantics of Barriers in a Non-Strict, Implicitly-Parallel Language is interesting since it addresses the problems with implicit concurrency in the language.

A good article on implicit parallelism in Parallel Haskel

Efforts to parallelize C is also done at MIT in the IPC project.

The CC++ system developed at Caltech is interesting since it uses a to the write once variable as the means for synchronization. Read more about CC++, Fortrand M and Nexus.

Other pointers that might be useful:

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