Joezine Vol 1 number 1

This is my first every attempt at writing a joezine -- you'll have to bear with me until I get the format and style right All comments are very welcome.

In my zine I want to chronical the "life and times of a programmer" as seen from the second floor of Hantverkargatan 78 (i.e. the Bluetail Galactic Headquarters). Bluetail is a venture capital funded IT startup which we started eight months ago. In my zines I'll be writing about my experiences with Bluetail, about life in general and about anything else that takes my fancy.

This will not be a code intensive zine, though I do hope to keep you entertained with the odd "Hack of the month" article :-)

Trials and tribulations

The sad story of Lethera

Lethera was my 7'th home computer. Lethera gave me more trouble than all the other machines put together. In the end after numerous repairs and threats of legal action I got my money back.

On the road

Off we go to London

The alarm rang at the ungodly hour of 5.00 a.m. at 10.30 we had a meeting in London ...

Hate of the month

Why OO sucks

There are a lot of things that I think suck. One of my biggest hates is the idea of Object Oriented Programming why anybody should think this is a good idea is beyond me.

Hack of the month

The Wikie wikie web

When I read Luke Gorries announcement I got quite excited, when I looked to see what he had done I became very excited. I'd never heard of a "Wikie" web before Luke turned me on to it, but once I'd seen it I just had to start playing with it.

Trials and tribulations

I become a webmaster

On Tuesday I became a fully fledged webmaster, Jocke showed me how to start and restart Apache and I edited my first Apache configuration file. That was when my problems started. continued

Happy stories

The happy story of Hovera

Hovera is my 8'th home computer. Hothera was born on the 18 August at Skribofont. I've never had any problems with Hovera. Installing by dual boot Linux/Windows system on Hovera was breeze.