The Wikie wikie web

When I read Luke Gorries announcement I got quite excited, when I looked to see what he had done I became very excited. I'd never heard of a "Wikie" web before Luke turned me on to it, but once I'd seen it I just had start playing with it.

What is a wikie web?

A wikie web is a web site in which any reader can edit any page in the web - this gives them the freedom to add their own content. Re-organise the structure of the web or even delete or maliciously modify other peoples content.

Unlike HTML, the Wilkie "language" is simple in the extreme and loading pages up to the server a trivial operation.

Before you read any further go any try it out.

After a bit of playing with Luke's Wikie I decided to experiment with the page locking mechanisms, I think that allowing totally uncontrolled access to the pages of a Wikie web is a little too trusting. The result of this is Blutail's own Wilkie web (which has locked and unlocked pages) and can be accessed at, or, http://pippi:5999 from inside bluetail.

The code for this is in the downloads area here

In the months that follow I will be improving the Wilkie web, so if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements please let me know.