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This is a page of links to articles about Erlang maintained by Erlang systems.

From this page you can find links to Erlang News (Erlang news is published every two months and contains news and articles about products being developed in Erlang). There are also links to various Byte articles about Erlang and links to technical discussion papers. Download Erlang for free

Here you can get a free copy of the latest version of Erlang. Supported platforms are Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 95, Sun Solaris 2 and Linux.

Erlang/OTP a dark horse at the expo

Five products at CeBIT98 are programmed in Erlang. Read the article in "Contact" about this.

Work based on Erlang/OTP

PIRATES: Methods and Tools for Network-transparent Dependable Distributed Programming

High performance Erlang

The HIPE project (HIgh Performance Erlang) is a project at Uppsala University to produce a high performance Erlang machine.

WindRiver Systems Erlang/OTP page

Erlang/OTP is partnered with Wind River Systems VxWorks real-time operating system.

Verification of Erlang programs

The project goal is to provide support for the verification (validation) of programs written in the Erlang programming language. The means of verification is by utilizing a theorem-prover tool, basically a proof checker, but extended with considerable support for proof automation.

AXD 301--A new generation ATM switching system Article in Ericsson Review No. 1, 1998. Describes the AXD301. Much of the AXD301 software is written using the Erlang/OTP libraries.

Open Telecom Platform

Article in Ericsson Review No. 1, 1977. Describes the Open Telecom Platform (OTP). OTP is written in Erlang.

The Erlang type system

The Type System

Articles about the type system

Browse the types in the standard libraries

The Specification Web

Read about the specification web.