Joe Armstrong

    If you were looking for links to java you've arrived at the wrong place, but if you want to know more about Erlang you might find what you're looking for. There are also some interesting Erlang links on the web.

This page contains the usual amazingly useful things like my phone number etc. It also is a good jumping off point for information about the Erlang system, and it's a place to enthuse about my pet projects.

Erlang vs. Java   Here is a comparison of Java and Erlang's concurrency models. We'd welcome feedback.
Open Source Erlang   Hopefully, you are already an Erlang user. If not, you might like to get a free version of Erlang. You can even find a Windows95 version!. Then you will be able to run most of the programs that I refer to.

XML   I wrote an experimental XML parser it's not very good but gets through most of the test cases. Feel freee to improved it.

Important note   I hate HTML which is syntactically incorrect, Why: I have tried writing a browser for it -- it sucks. The current W3C Recommendation for HTML is HTML 3.2. Please spread sanity by using it and boycotting Microsoft and Netscape's improvements to HTML.

I use sgmls to verify the correctness of my HTML. The command:

  html_verify File

Checks that File contains correct HTML. The code for this script and the necessary DTD's etc can be found here.

Erlang Archive   This is a collection of user-contributed and unsupported Erlang programs. You can find all sorts of interesting stuff, for example, programs, tutorials, exercises, etc. in the Erlang archive

Fun projects   Lately I have been inspired by the idea of literate programming. Accordingly, I have implemented a system for literate programming in Erlang. Literate programming is not just about writing programs it's about writing beautiful programs.

Literate Erlang Archive   I have tried to follow my own advice and write a number of beautiful programs. You can find the results in the Literate Erlang Archive.

Information   Extensions to Erlang 4.4 Erlang has been extended with macros, records, higher order functions and list comprehensions. You can read about them here.

Enthusiams   I have recently discovered the fascinating word of water powered rockets.

This is also a good place to show off some of my digital photography results.

Links   Erlang systems
Erlang at the Computer Science laboratory
Ericsson Telecom AB
Computer Science Laboratory

Publications   A partial list of my publications.


Telephone   Tel: +46 8 719 9452
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