Installing Literate Erlang

Installing   Create a directory where you will store the eweb program. Fetch the files eweb.erl and web.lit and store them in this directory.

Compile eweb.erl with your favorite Erlang.

evaluate the expression eweb:file("eweb").

Evaluating this expression will cause a number of files to be created eweb.tex, Makefile, eweb etc.

Give the command Make doc to make the documentation. This will create the file eweb.dvi.

Note: for this to work you must have installed LaTeX on your machine. It is assumed that you have already done this :-)

Running   If you look in the installation directory you will find a script called eweb. Edit the path in this script to point to the installation directory and put this file somewhere in you path.

The command eweb scans the current directory and looks for any .lit files which have a later date stamp that the corresponding .tex files. It then runs eweb:file on any such files.

Make clean   Make clean can be run to remove any unwanted files which were created by running eweb