Literate Erlang Archive

Literate Erlang   Literate Erlang is a system for writing literate Erlang programs. In a literate Erlang program the code is presented in an order which best aids understanding the program and not in the order which the code has to be presented to the Erlang compiler.

Contributions   If you have a literate program that you wish to contribute please send it to me and I might add it to the archive.

Joe Armstrong

EWEB   EWEB is a program which expands a literate Erlang program. Literate Erlang programs are stored in files with a .lit extension.

Before fetching any of these programs you should install literate Erlang on your system.

eweb.dvi  eweb.lit

Lite   The Erlang Lite system. Erlang lite is a collection of programs and shell scripts designed for building stand-alone Erlang systems.

Among other things we describe how the Erlang system bootstraps itself.

This program is required reading for the serious Erlang programmer.

lite.dvi   lite.lit