Erlang is a wonderful programming language which makes it easy to write high performance distributed applications.

Erlang applications use pure message passing and it is very easy to create millions of processes on hundreds of machines and pass complex message between machines with very little effort

Companies using Erlang have a significant advantages over companies using competing technologies - ofen the Erlang product is up and running and shipped to the customer while the compeditors are still thunking about it. In commercial success stories ... we'll tell you more about this

Erlang is a small language and easy to learn.

Erlang is used in many day to day applications that you don't even know about, in Erlang behind the scenes ... we'll tell you more about it.

Erlang is a free open source system - supported by thousands of enthustiastic programmers.

Learning Erlang

Learning Erlang is easy. All you have to do is grab the distribution from the open source erlang site. Then you can get started.

You might like to start with some examples, take your pick:

Or some tutorials: