ErlGuten - version 2.1

ERlGuten is a batch system for producing PDF from XML.

Erlguten is free software.

The word ErlGuten is built from Erlang plus Gutenberg.

The goal of ErlGuten is to produce typographic quality output - this means that we aim at the highest quality possible for the typeset text. The ErlGuten text justification algorithms produce paragraph-optimized text with fully kerned data, normally the production of such text cannot be done by everyday word-processing programs but requires the use of dedicated typesetting programs.


Here you can see the inputs to ErlGuten and the corresponding output.

erlguten_test1.erl erlguten_test1.pdf
erlguten_test4.erl erlguten_test4.pdf


The transformation software is written in Erlang. To run the system you will need to install Erlang, which is available from - you will also need to install the distribution.

Release information

This release is the first alpha release of ErlGuten. The alpha status indicates that we expect the ErlGuten system to change rapidly within the next few years.

The principal reasons for releasing the system are to:

Future releases

Future releases of ErlGuten will address the following problems:


The following people have provided code for ErlGuten.

Joe Armstrong.

Mikael Karlsson.