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ML9 - Markup langauge 9

new Markup language 9 Is a general purpose markup language - which can be used as an alternative to XML.

EX11 - An graphics system for X-windows

The ex11 graphics system provides graphics for X-windows that is written in 100% Erlang. Here are some screenshots.

The latest version is in the work in progress directory

Programming reliable systems (Ph.D. thesis)

making reliable systems in the presence of software errors.

Here are some ideas on how to make reliable systems that function even in the presence of software errors. This thesis describes the thinking behind Erlang, Concurrency Oriented Programing, UBF and building reliable systems from communicating components.


ErlGuten is a program for producing typographic quality PDF from XML.

Erlang Tutorials

A robust server This tutorial shows you how to make a fault-tolerant distributed "bank" server.

A web server This tutorial shows you how to make a web-server which runs as a system daemon. It contains the complete code for a web server (2 modules and 326 lines of code) - and all the instructions necessary to make this into a system daemon.

Client in Erlang - Server in C This tutorial shows how to make a Erlang client talk to a C server. The C server is a socket based parallel server which forks of a parallel process for each new connection.

Setting up an Erlang wiki server This tutorial shows how to setup an Erlang wiki server on your machine.

Current work

Stand-alone Erlang for r9b-0. This is the new stand-alone Erlang for R9B-0. It contains a number of new goodies.

Conceptual integrity in Erlang

Apache vs. yaws

Universal Binary Format

Call structure of stdlib/kernel

erlpdf.pdf a library for manipulating PDF files.

Be warned - not much is written yet - many links are missing


My local server

My webdav window on the world


Concurrency Oriented programming in Erlang Invited talk at the Lightweight Languages Workshop 2002 (LL2) held at MIT.

Getting Erlang to talk to the outside world. Talk given at Pittsburgh Erlang conference.

Bang bang or Conceptual Integrity and the meaning of the bang bang operator - pdf sxi. ACM sigplan Erlang workshop 2003.

All things are not equally important - PDF ps.

UBF - PDF ps.

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