I worked for SICS from 1997 to 2007, conducting research on simulation-based tools for debugging and testing concurrent programs. See the Nornir project page for more information. Before taking up simulation, I worked on IP protocol implementation, in particular with an IPv6 implementation for HP-UX 9.05. I have also implemented IP multicast in the Nemesis operating system.

I left SICS in June 2007 to work for Google in Stockholm.

Personal web site.
Curriculum Vitae, in PDF


Karl-Filip Faxén, Konstantin Popov, Sverker Janson, Lars Albertsson. Embla - Data Dependence Profiling for Parallel Programming. Proceedings of the 2008 International Workshop on Multi-Core Computing Systems (MuCoCoS'08). [ pdf ]

Lars Albertsson. Entropy injection. SICS technical report T2007-02. [ pdf | ps.Z | Abstract ]

Lars Albertsson. Holistic debugging. SICS technical report T2006-14. This report is the full version of the paper presented at MASCOTS 2006. This is also the version that was actually reviewed and accepted for publication at the conference. If you are curious as to why the full paper was not published in the conference proceedings, read here.
[ bib | pdf | ps.Z | Abstract ]

Lars Albertsson. Holistic debugging - enabling instruction set simulation for software quality assurance. In Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), Monterey, California, September 2006.
[ bib | pdf | ps | ps.gz | Abstract ]

Karl Marklund and Lars Albertsson. Dynamic race detection for operating systems. In Fifth Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice in Sweden, 2005.

Temporal Debugging and Profiling of Multimedia Applications.
Presented at Photonics West 2002 (Multimedia Computing and Networking). [ postscript, gzipped postscript | pdf ]

An Overview of Practical Research Approaches to Real-Time System Engineering. SICS technical report. [ Postscript | PDF ]

Simulation-Based Debugging of Soft Real-Time Applications (work in progress paper).
Presented at the Real-Time Application Symposium 2001. [ postscript | gzipped postscript | pdf ]

Simulation-Based Temporal Debugging of Linux.
Presented at the second Real-Time Linux Workshop. [ postscript | gzipped postscript | pdf ]

Using Complete System Simulation for Temporal Debugging of General Purpose Operating Systems and Workloads.
Presented at MASCOTS 2000. [ postscript | gzipped postscript | pdf ]

I wrote my master's thesis, "Interactive Visualisation Using Parallel Computers", at the Center for Parallel Computers (PDC). [ dvi | postscript | pdf ]


Hlin - An extendible tool for automated administration of Linux systems. It has little documentation, but a bunch of examples used by the author, and may be useful to you anyway. The latest snapshot can be found here

minimise_source - A script for minimising a C++ source testcase that triggers a particular problem, for example a compiler error.

KTH Kerberos 4 1.2.2, patched by Björn Grönvall to compile under Linux Redhat 9.

Spare time

In a previous life, I used to play bridge. I played for a few years with Team Magic, whose bidding systems (Magic Diamond) can be found at Tjolpe's website. I have also played a strong club/forcing pass system, Ramanujan, with Per Hallberg. It is only available in Swedish, in Postscript, PDF, and Word.

Narration and pictures from a month-long journey down the US Atlantic coast (in Swedish).