Last updated June 12, 2003

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Entering Quintus License Info on Windows

The following outlines the steps necessary to enter or re-enter the Quintus license information after installation.

The following assumes that you installed Quintus on Windows XP in the default location

It should be easy to adapt to other installation locations and Quintus versions on any version of Windows.

We also assume that your license information, as received in the email from SICS, is as follows:

You will need an encryption code to get Quintus Prolog working. Please
use the following temporary site codes:

% qplm -i Acme Inc
% qplm -a prolog/ix86/3.4 1 2003-06-07 eghndawkkgqosvgp
You will have to substitute your own license information, the sample info above will not work!

  1. Start the Windows console: Select "Run..." from the Start menu and type cmd as the program to open.
  2. In the console type
    cd /d C:
    to make C: the current disk, if it is not already.
  3. In the console type
    cd "\quintus\bin\ix86"
    to make the Quintus program folder the current folder.
  4. Run the qplm program from the console window as instructed in the licence email, first:
    qplm -i "Acme Inc"
    This will initialize the licence information stored on the computer and set the site name. It must be done before the next step. Note: the site name is part of the license and must be entered exactly as in the licence information in the email from SICS.
  5. Then enter the rest of the license information:
    qplm -a prolog/ix86/3.4 1 2003-06-07 eghndawkkgqosvgp
  6. You can now view the stored license infomation with
    qplm -p
  7. You can now start quintus from the console window to verify that it accepts the license:
    prolog -i -f

Do not hesitate to contact Quintus Support if you have any questions.

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