eMoto - Expressing emotions in a digital world

eMoto is a joint project between SICS, The Swedish Insitute of Computer Science and Stockolm University/KTH

The design team includes: Petra Sundström, Anna Ståhl, and Kristina Höök

eMoto is a mobile messaging service for sending and receiving affective messages. The application extends on both input and output channels when sending text messages between mobile phones. The aim is to convey more of the emotional content through the very narrow channel that a text message otherwise provides. Emotional communication between people meeting physically in the "real world" make use of many different channels, such as facial expression, body posture, gestures, or tone of voice, little of this physicality of emotions is used in a similar digital context. In eMoto users therefore use affective gestures to convey the emotional content of their messages which are then translated and communicated in colors, shapes and animations.