Short CV

NOTICE: This is an old homepage, which I maintained while working at SICS. Since August 2008 I'm with Axiomatics AB.

Pablo Giambiagi

M.Phil. in Computer Science, KTH

Security, Policy and Trust Laboratory
Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Email: pablo at
Phone: +46 8 633 15 88
Fax: +46 8 751 72 30
Postal address: SICS, Box 1263, SE-164 29, Kista, Sweden.

Research interests

Formal verification of access control policies.
Contract Management. Quality of Service.
Revenue Management.
Web Services, Virtual Organizations.
Formal models of security, information flow, admissibility.
Language-based security.

Recent Publications

Toward Goal-Based Autonomic Networking (DANMS'08)
Contracts for Controlling Business Processes in Dynamic Environments (DDBP 2008)
Secure Negotiation in Virtual Organizations (AQuSerM'06)
Language-Based Support for Service Oriented Architectures: Future Directions (ICSOFT 2006)
Quality of Service Evaluation in Virtual Organizations Using SLAs (IS-TSPQ 2006)
The TrustCoM Approach to Enforcing Agreements between Interoperating Enterprises (I-ESA 2006)
Memory Consumption Analysis of Java Smart Cards (CLEI 2005)
Aspects of Trusted and Secure Business-Oriented VO Management in Service Oriented Architectures (SOS4CO 2005)
On the Secure Implementation of Security Protocols (Science of Computer Programming 50/1-3, 2004)
On the Expressiveness of Infinite Behavior and Name Scoping in Process Calculi (FOSSACS'04)
A Note on Scope and Infinite Behaviour in CCS-like Calculi (NWPT'03)



PRIMA-Net (Vinnova, 2006 - May 2008)
Contract-Oriented Software Development for Internet Services (Nordunet3, 2007 - 2009)
TrustCoM - Trust and Contract Management (EU IST-001945, Feb 2004 - May 2007)
Policy-Based Network Management (Vinnova, 2004)
Mobile Language Study (EOARD, 2001-03)
VerifiCard (EU, 2000-03)
PROMODIS (Nutek, 1998-2001)




SID'06, UPM, UN/CEFACT, ESOP'03, Verisafe Workshop (Nice'02)


2G1516 Formal Methods (03/04)
2G1301 Theory of Distributed Systems (01/02,02/03)
2G1113 Operating Systems (98/99,99/00,00/01,01/02)

MSc Students

Maria Katsoufi and Sakyibea Darko-Ampem (Subject: Secure SLA Negotiation protocol. Defended: 060405)
Olga Cerrato and Rabih Ghannoum (Subject: SLA Signing protocols. Defended: 060517)

MSc theses and x-jobbs

If you are interested in doing a MSc thesis or an x-jobb at the SPOT lab, please drop me a line.

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