Karl-Filip Faxén



Karl-Filip Faxén, senior researcher, SICS Swedish ICT


The speaker is a senior researcher at SICS Swedish ICT, specializing in parallel processing, compiler technology and computer architecture. He is the author of Wool, the world's lowest overhead scheduler for nested fork-join parallelism. Dr. Faxén has also worked on implementation techniques for lazy functional languages, and holds a PhD in computer systems from KTH. He thinks that everyone should, at least once in their life, get the opportunity to write a compiler.


the black arrow programmable accelerator

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The upcoming 5G standard is more challenging than previous 3GPP standards since there is a wider range of usage scenarios and an increased pace of standard evolution. At the same time, throughput is up by a large factor while latency is pushed down. The simultaneous demands of increased performance and increased flexibility are a bad fit for today’s systems where flexibility is provided by programmable DSPs and performance by fixed function hardware accelerators. 

We present a programmable accelerator that gives a new and attractive point in this trade off: Most of the performance of a hardware accelerator with most of the flexibility of a DSP. This work is done in cooperation between SICS and Ericsson.