Peter Sewell



Peter Sewell, professor, University of Cambridge


Peter Sewell is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.  He held an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship from 2010-2014 and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship from 1999-2007; he took his PhD in Edinburgh in 1995, supervised by Robin Milner, after studying in Cambridge and Oxford. His research aims to build rigorous foundations for the engineering of real-world computer systems, to make them better-understood, more robust, and more secure.


Multiprocessor behaviour - what can´t you rely on?

This talk will describe the behaviour of the architectural abstraction for x86, ARM, and IBM Power multiprocessors, based on mathematical modelling, experimental testing, and extended collaborations with processor vendors, and the programming language abstraction of C/C++11 concurrency (and its limitations), based on formal modelling and interactions with the ISO standards committees.   Even single processor instructions turn out to be more subtle than what one might expect.