SICS is part of Mobile Life Excellence centre

Mobile Life projects; Citizen Dialouge, mFashion, Codename Heroes, LiveNature

The Mobile VINN Excellence Centre

Mobile Life’s research found its base in design-led exploration of novel technology. We envisioned an enjoyment society, where happiness, pleasure and playfulness are key factors. The technology trend that supported this was the emerging consumer-oriented Internet of Things (IoT). To map out and understand this future development, the centre performed strategic innovation by collaboratively creating and evaluating enjoyment services that will make the vision of an enjoyment society a reality.

The Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre was formed in 2007 and closed down in March 2017. During these years the Centre established itself as an internationally recognised research locus in the area of mobile services. The centre operated as a joint venture between Stockholm University, SICS RISE and KTH as research partners, its industrial partners and public sector partners with funding from the Swedish governmental funding agency VINNOVA.

At its peak the Centre hosted about  46 researchers in the facilities at SICS, exploring experiential, leisure and playful mobile and ubiquitous interactions. In total the centre has involved more than 250 people over the 10 years. The research was conducted in interdisciplinary groups, involving researchers from computer science, interaction design, sociology, psychology but also from game design, art, dance, and fashion. The Centre’s competitive edge lied in making serious research on what we might normally portray as “unserious” activities in collaboration with its partners Ericsson, Microsoft Research, IKEA, ABB, Nokia, Telia Company, Company P, Sony Ericsson, Bambuser, Rebel & Bird, Ziggy creative colony, Sparbanken Rekarne, Slagkryssaren and Stockholm City. We also had great support for our innovations and spin-offs from STING and Kista Science City.

We are very proud to have worked with all these highly skilled and fantastic people in the partner companies and organisations and look forward to more collaboartions in future projects. We will continue to Explore, Create and Enjoy.

Thank you!