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Master's Thesis students

Every year RISE SICS hosts a number of selected students for Master Thesis work. If you would like to be one of those students, please study the Expertise pages carefully and find out in which lab your field of interest belongs, before contacting the lab manager. Some master thesis proposals are announces at the bottom of the Job Openings page.

Open Positions

The best way to apply for work at RISE SICS is to send a complete CV and other relevant material to the lab manager of the lab where your area of interest fits in. Job openings are also announced here.

Gender equality

RISE SICS is an organization where gender equality is important. At RISE SICS women and men should have the same rights and opportunities regarding working life, research and education. Our goal is to increase the number of the underrepresented gender in all positions. We work actively with gender equality plans and policies and we take part in a gender research project on gender equality in research organizations.