About SICS Swedish ICT

The Swedish Institute of Computer Science

SICS Swedish ICT, with its subsidiaries SICS East and SICS Västerås, is a leading research institute for applied information and communication technology in Sweden, founded in 1985.

Society is shifting towards an economy based on information as the resource and SICS is in the midst of this revolution, boosting the competitive strength of Swedish industry and the quality and efficiency of Sweden’s public sector. SICS is non-profit and carries out advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, in close collaboration with Swedish and international industry and academia. The research is based on cutting-edge new technology and has a time horizon stretching beyond the companies’ own R&D efforts.

Focus areas

  • User Interaction and Visualization
  • Networked Systems, Technologies and Services
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
  • Trust, Privacy and Security
  • Efficiency and Optimization
  • Software and Systems Engineering

The main office is situated in Kista outside Stockholm and there are smaller offices in Uppsala, Lund, and Norrköping. SICS two subsidiaries: SICS East and SICS Västerås are located in Linköping and Västerås respectively. Hälsans Nya Verktyg is since 2015 part of SICS in Norrköping.

SICS employs approx. 160 researchers, including 96 PhDs, and hosts another 30 researchers from KTH, consultants and students working on their Master's Thesis. Turnover in 2014 was 154 MSEK.