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Programchef till det strategiska innovationsprogrammet PiiA

SICS Västerås är sedan 2014 värdar för den nationella satsningen på processindustriell IT och automation (PiiA). Vi letar efter en ny nationell programchef för programmet.
Programmet är organiserat hos SICS Västerås med egen styrelse, ledningsgrupp, industriråd, forskarnätverk och andra stödgrupperingar. PiiA lanserades i januari 2014 och förväntas löpa i minst 10 år. PiiA har i sin projektportfölj cirka 110 forsknings, utvecklings och innovations projekt med en årlig projektbudget på över 110 MSEK. En stor uppgift som dominerar den närmaste framtiden är den industriella digitaliseringen, via PiiA kan företag gå ihop och söka medel för att tackla industriella utmaningar och skapa innovationer kopplat till den industriella digitaliseringen. Läs annonsen här.

Ph.D. student in Software Testing at RISE SICS Västerås

RISE SICS Västerås AB has an open PhD position within the TESTOMAT European project. The position has a specialization in Software Testing, which entails study of basic theory and methodology for testing software. The main goal in the TESTOMAT project is to enable software teams to increase the development speed without sacrificing quality. To achieve this goal, the project will advance the state-of-the-art in test automation for software teams moving towards a more agile development process. As a Ph.D. student in this project, you will be involved in research and development of effective and efficient software testing methods. The focus of this position will be mainly on investigating and developing automated testing techniques for extra-functional (non-functional) properties.

Read more about the position and how to apply.

Are you passionate about creating value from big data?

Senior researcher with focus in machine learning needed to our team in Västerås.
RISE SICS Västerås is looking for a full time senior researcher, possibly a “postdoc”. The position is initially funded from the FUDIPO project which is a new Horizon 2020 research and innovation action under the Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy sub-call. The research area includes monitoring and control of data-intensive processes by leveraging and combining Big Data analytics tools that can be utilized by process industries and power plants in order to enhance the production efficiency and thus saving resources, energy, and the environment. At SICS, we will address the challenges by making use of novel machine learning methods that learn from previous situations. Projects will be performed in close cooperation with Swedish industry and international research partners.

Read more about the position and how to apply. 

Chef Digital Health Lab -tjänsten tillsatt

Project manager with focus in applied research projects to our team in Västerås.
RISE SICS Västerås is looking for a full-time project manager with knowledge and experience from driving successful research and development projects in collaboration with industry. You will work in a highly dynamic environment with different teams and in a wide range of application areas ranging from data analytics, optimization and deep learning via software development and testing to gamification. It is important that you have a genuine passion for project management, working with people and know the keys to success. You simply make work work! Projects will be performed in close cooperation with Swedish industry, public sector and international research partners.

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Are you ready to change the world?
UX/Design researcher needed for SICS Västerås

Imagine a world, where the serious industries are enjoyable places to work, where factories have information tools with superior UX, where the decision makers can see all their data presented in an attractive and smart way, so that their decisions become well-informed. Imagine power plants, robotics and factories from the science fiction. We at RISE SICS Västerås are building this beautiful industry today and looking for a driven UX/design researcher to join the team to make this vision happen! 

Read more about the position and how to apply.

Research position open at Decisions, networks and analytics LaB (DNA)
 on-going interviews

RISE SICS AB currently offers a research position for a postgraduate M. Sc. engineer or Ph. D. postdoc interested in creating technically sustainable solutions based on the combination of modeling and systems development within the the topic of Network Intelligence.

Read more about the requirements here. 

Please send your application to Anna Fasth, HR: anna.fasth [at]

SICS North i Luleå söker
Forskningsledare och forskare inom Datacenterteknik pågående intervjuer

Vi söker nu forskningsledare och forskare med akademisk och industriell erfarenhet för att utveckla, demonstrera och värdera metoder, teknik och tillämpningar för datacenterteknologier. Vårt arbetssätt är integrerad innovation där vi hjälper kunder att skapa nya eller förbättrade produkter och tjänster baserat på den forskning och kunskap som våra experter byggt upp. Läs mer här

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Post Doc at Security lab at SICS in either Cloud infrastructure, Software Defined Networking (SDN) or Internet of Things (IoT)

SICS Security lab invites applications for a 1-year postdoctoral researcher position in the area of either Cloud infrastructure, Software Defined Networking (SDN) or Internet of Things (IoT),
See the requirements and application here.

Master Thesis PROPOSALS at SICS

Every year SICS hosts a number of selected students for Master Thesis work. If you would like to be one of those students, please read the Group pages carefully and find out in which lab your field of interest belongs, before contacting the lab manager.

We have the following opportunities for Master Thesis work at the moment:







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