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Current Job Openings

  • Driftchef/Operations Manager på nytt datacenter i Luleå - (Tjänsten är tillsatt den 1 december).
  • Senior Driftingenjör/Senior Technician på nytt datacenter i Luleå - (Tjänsten är tillsatt den 1 december).
  • Master Thesis at SICS


Master Thesis at SICS

Every year SICS hosts a number of selected students for Master Thesis work. If you would like to be one of those students, please read the Group pages carefully and find out in which lab your field of interest belongs, before contacting the lab manager.

We have the following opportunities for Master Thesis work at the moment:

Simulative evaluation of security monitoring systems based on SDN 

Security Consideration for the Internet-connected Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices 

The OAuth 2.0 Authorization for the Internet of Things 

Efficient redistribution of cryptographic group keys in the Internet of Things 

Secure Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Protocol for the Cloud-connected IoT 

Data Stream Mining with the PRAAG change detection algorithm

Design of Secure Smart Meter utilizing Process Isolation 

Multipath TCP for TLS accelerator clusters 

OPC UA on Raspberry Pi in mining application 

Maintenance data application with OPC UA in a mine automation system 

Guided Test Execution through Analysis of Test Case Dependencies