Abstracts of Multicore Day 2012

Erik Hagersten, Rogue Wave / Uppsala University

The 5th Generation of Sparc CMT: T5
Rick Hetherington, Microelectronics Division of Oracle

It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
James Larus, Microsoft Researchs

A guided tour of ARM Multicore processors and research from embedded to HPC
Stephen Hill, ARM


Threading in mission-critical systems
Björn Carlson, NASDAQ OMX

Tool-Based Support for a Purely Functional Programming Approach to Many-Core DSP Applications
Diarmuid Corcoran, Ericsson and Niclas Wiberg, Ericsson

Java Fork/Join in practice
Mikael Zayenz Lagerkvist, Tomologic AB


Taking a Virtual Machine towards Many-Core
Rickard Green, Ericsson AB and Patrik Nyblom, Ericsson AB

On the scalability of Erlang/OTP and its applications
Kostis Sagonas, Uppsala University

Architectural Support for Databases and Virtual Machines
Zoran Radovic, Oracle


System-Level Debug
Jakob Engblom, Wind River

Productivity Tools for the Multicore Era
Erik Hagersten, Rogue Wave Software / Uppsala University

Finding race-conditions in mission critical software: the easy way.
Thomas Arts, Quviq