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Automotive and Rail

Automotive and Rail


SICS has conducted research in the railway domain for more than a decade. The projects have covered a wide range of areas, including capacity assessment, timetabling, engine circuit optimization, maintenance scheduling, shunting, and data analysis. Sponsors include Green Cargo, Bombardier, Trafikverket, and VINNOVA.

Vehicles and transport

Within the area of automotive systems and sustainable mobility, SICS focuses its research on efficient development methodology and emerging technology enablers for future applications. The main objectives are decreased time to market and innovative solutions for enabling tomorrow’s competitive applications. Our experts can help you to introduce new solutions within a number of areas, such as:

  • Systems of systems
  • System architecture (both functional and electrical)
  • Embedded systems and software
  • Safety-critical systems

For most companies time to market is crucial for a product success; hence development time including test and verification is the key. SICS’s researchers are already working on new efficient methods which will save time for these important steps, including:

  • Agile development methods
  • Systems and software engineering methods
  • Test and verification

SICS has ongoing co-operations with all the automotive OEMs and several suppliers in Sweden and abroad.


We are regularly looking for more people with the right competence to join us. If this sounds interesting, contact Martin Aronsson (see contact details above).

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