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Digital Health

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Our society is facing a number of tuff challenges, especially within the areas of environment, energy, transport and demographic changes. Used to its full potential, ICT can be the key to new solutions and increased efficiency through the development of novel services, methods and technology. The incremental and disruptive development of ICT facilitates solutions to global as well as local challenges. Clever technologies and smart services will be the key to increased efficiency in the public sector as well as increased competitiveness for the Swedish industry.

According to strategy presented in the Digital Agenda for Europe by the European Commission, 50% of the annual productivity growth comes from ICT, directly or indirectly. The competence of SICS can be utilized in the public sector in a very effective way. Examples of SICS expertise that can make a difference include:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Trust, Privacy and Security
  • Experience Centered Design
  • Sensor Networks
  • Processes
  • Communication Systems

E-health - hospital at home

VIDEO: Treatment at Home for Chronically Ill Patients

The “quantify yourself ” trend and the habit of living partly online pave the way for more efficient and convenient care for the chronically ill and the elderly. We are in the beginning of a paradigm shift when it comes to home care and ICT development for the health area. The eHealth area is becoming a driver of ICT development. There is a strong trend to “quantify yourself ” with mobile apps that can track and analyze your body, mood, and most anything that can be quantified. At the same time, users are increasingly willing to share their data and communicate personal information online when they know it can be done securely. In-home social and medical care is gradually increasing. The new generations of elderly are computer and mobile phone savvy and will have no problem using this technology for health surveillance, doctor’s appointments and other remote services. New technical solutions will be invaluable in supporting good care and quality of life to a fast growing population of elderly. The changing paradigm brings with it many possibilities and some new challenges. SICS and Swedish ICT are conducting a number of projects in the area of eHealth research:.

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