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Internet of Things at SICS

Internet of Things at SICS

A unique consortium

The future is a plethora of entertainment, sports and life style apps making heavy use of sensors and actuators built into mobiles, game consoles, and other everyday objects, thriving on the data those generate. We have formed a unique consortium cutting across the cloud technologies, big data analysis, sensor networks, interaction design and tools for rapid prototyping needed to realise an Internet of Things for consumers.



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Fehmi Ben Abdesslem
PhD, Senior Researcher

fehmi.ben.abdesslem [at]

Kristina Höök

kristina.hook [at]

Jawad Mustafa
+46 73 920 24 26
jawad.mustafa [at]

Efi Papatheocharous
PhD, Senior Researcher

efi.papatheocharous [at]

Shahid Raza
PhD, Director Security Lab, Expert Researcher

shahid.raza [at]

Ludwig Seitz
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 349 92 51
ludwig.seitz [at]

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Seeds: IoT at SICS is equipped to harness the collaboration and innovation of its experts and its partners. This is the place where the seeds of the future are born.

Solutions: IoT at SICS main objective is to find collaborative research projects where industry and academia work together on challenging aspects of the IoT technologies and application designs. This is where the future is shaped by vision with a focus on the commercially sustainable. We offer among other things Idea Generation, Opportunity Mapping, Data Analysis, Hands-on prototype building, User tests etc.

Meetings: Great things happen when people, ideas, knowledge and resources meet. IoT at SICS provides this meeting point where the future is shaped by bridging gaps and intersecting ideas, it is a neutral platform for the academia, industry partners and alike to meet.

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IoT's domains

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    User centred design, focused around smart objects that can sense actions, their environment and can communicate allows for richer experiences.

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products


    Smarter Energy Management is enabled through the access of real data that supports the process to plan, mange and influence intelligent energy use.

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products


    Internet of things allows for realtime data collection and immediate access to information on traffic conditions, meaning more efficient travel.

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products


    Telecom has expanded to become the basic and necessary infrastructure for the Internet of Things, creating value for people in all aspects of life.

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products


    Contineuos health tracking and care together with targeted tracking provides new possibilities for the health sector as data becomes available 24/7.

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products


    The internet of Things allows for control and connectivity of devices which empowers users to live more efficiently in their homes.

  • Consumer Products Consumer Products


    Better data collection has allowed for innovations in urban planning, from improvement to waste management to smoother transportation systems.

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