Smart Energy

A sustainable society requires the electrical grid to be smarter and more efficient and our consumption to be less. Our consumption of electricity will have to be managed in response to supply conditions. For sustainable energy production we need components with new functionalities. ICT based solutions will enable us to achieve this.

We have competences that will play a major role in creating a sustainable society:

• Design for new behavioral patterns and social practices
• Reliable monitoring systems
• Semiconductor materials, electronic devices and systems with new functionalities
• Integration and miniaturisation
• Energy efficient electronics • Sensors
• Fiberoptic sensor for hazardous environments for distributed sensing
• Low cost integrated senors
• Software for saving energy
• Cloud and sensor networks
• Network optimisation, security and accessibility

Our services

  • Business Intelligence
  • Research reviews
  • Workshops, Seminars
  • Presentations 
  • Development of interactive solutions
  • Test Beds, demonstrators, labs
  • Evaluations and studies
  • Large research & development projects

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Michael Salter
Group Manager
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