Claes Redestad: Scaling the OpenJDK

To meet the ever-increasing needs to scale on systems with more and more hardware threads, we have had to improve the OpenJDK on almost every level, from rethinking and improving JDK APIs, to addressing false sharing in the GC and improving synchronization primitives in the runtime.

In this talk I will deep-dive into a few recent scalability improvements, and outline some of the current issues and what we're doing to improve things.

Claes RedestadClaes Redestad has programmed Java since the late 90s, graduated from KTH in 2009 and joined the Java Platform Group at Oracle in 2012 where he now works in the performance team to ensure the OpenJDK keeps improving in
every measurable way. He enjoys video games and the occassional rugby game. Twitter: @cl4es