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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence beyond Machine Learning
AI as a term was stated for the first time in 1955. Today much thanks to access to big data and computational power, we have become quite good at perception – we can perceive the world and make quick decisions. On top of the AI research agenda that researchers around the world work hard to make progress within is the area of reasoning to be able to build complex sophisticated AI systems. The future holds interaction.





There is a lot more to discover and rediscover, that we can put to actual use as long as we have large scale systems to work on. Reasoning systems are key and to learn from small data to be able to build sophisticated efficient solutions using real time data. We need to broaden our scope of data to build wider AI. Systems and platforms matters enormously, and we need to take the whole view of the whole complete system stack. And this is what we as researchers at RISE AI work with today and the next coming 5 years.

Welcome to work with us and learn more how to approach and implement AI, and to define what the future holds.
/ Daniel Gillblad


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