Adherence and Variation Support to Manage Relationships and Service Delivery , seminar by Christian Guttmann, Monash University


Maintaining contractual relationships with, and delivering
services to customers are key issues in Customer Life Cycle (CLC)
management. We report on building and evaluating an Intelligent
Collaborative Care Management (ICCM) architecture. ICCM defines
processes that guide a collaborative team of providers and customers
through critical stages in a CLC. We apply ICCM to assisting a team of
health care providers and patients (customers) with a chronic disease.
Efficient patient care is seldom attained with existing care systems
because they inadequately address the issues of uncertainty,
incompleteness and bounded resources in this domain (e.g., change of
health conditions, change of objectives of providers, unreliable patient
behaviour and change of governance policies play a critical role in
collaborative care). ICCM defines intelligent agents that apply
adherence and variation support mechanisms. These agents assist health
care providers and patients in (a) adhering to contractual agreements
associated with a care plan and (b) varying the agreements in the care
plan itself, if required.

Short Bio:
Dr. Guttmann's research interest is on basic and applied research
related to Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems. He has been
a research fellow in the Intelligent Collaborative Care Management
(ICCM) project -- a joint project between the British Telecom, United
Kingdom and Monash University, Australia. He holds a PhD degree in
Computer Science (CS) from Monash and two CS Master degrees from German
and Swedish universities (and received an annual Swedish AI Master
Thesis award). Christian has many years of industry experience working
for Ericsson and companies now acquired by IBM and Microsoft. He also
worked in industry linkage projects with the British Telecom and Hewlett
Packard. He was a scholarly visitor at the Stanford Research Institute
(SRI International), Harvard University, Swedish Institute of Computer
Science (SICS) and major universities in Germany, Netherlands, Brazil
and New Zealand.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 16:00