An Anonymity Framework for SaaS, seminar by V. Pacheco and R. Puttini, University of Brasilia

AbstractCloud computing technology has recently experienced rapid growth and continuous adoption. Enterprises are evermore taking advantage of its dynamicity and ubiquity. However, migrating strategic services to the cloud has put embracing companies in a fragile spot. Entrusting key business knowledge to cloud service providers and consequently relinquishing any claims to complete privacy is the tradeoff applied to adopters of the technology. This happens because the cloud computing service model called SaaS (Software as a Service) makes use of service contracts that inherently give the service provider access to unreasonable amounts of information regarding the consumer’s business. The service consumer has, then, no option but to trust the service provider. Because of that, there emerges a demand for a reliable, private and economically viable framework for cloud service consumption.Our contribution unfolds as a privacy aware environment for cloud service consumption with a payment mechanism for maintaining the commercially feasibility of the SaaS service model. Regarding the supporting of privacy, anonymity techniques are employed both in service contract and network levels. As for the payment methods, encryption algorithms in the area of blind signatures complete the proposed framework. 


Thursday, November 3, 2011, 15:00