"Aural Dust" with Yoshi Akai, Sten-Olof Hellström and Ann Rosén at Stockholm Culture Festival

Brunkebergsporten 15th of August 17:30-18:00

By using various unorthodox self-made instruments and techniques such as live coding and circuit bending (where, respectively, hardware and software are manipulated in the performance itself), Ann Rosén, Yoshi Akai, and Sten-Olof Hellström invites you to join them on a journey into uncharted acoustic territories.

Ann RosénSound artist, composer and performer Sound, space, people, meetings, processes and collaborations are all important factors in Ann Roséns art. In her recent works such as Deputy Silences, Schhh and Spatial Silences she explores different aspects of sound and the social context in which it is encountered. As a composer Ann works mainly with EAM (Electro-Acoustic Music) utilizing different surround techniques such as in Surr, IC-first movement, Stress etc. When performing Ann uses a variety of sensor based controllers that she develops and builds herself. In her solo work Ann prefers to work with compositions but together with others she often but not always takes on the role as an improviser. Sten-Olof HellströmSten-Olof has been active as a professional composer since 1984 and gained a Masters of Music in composition at University of East Anglia, England 1990. He has been employed as a researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) since 1997. As a researcher Sten-Olof has mainly worked in the fields of Human Computer Interaction and sonification (representing data with sound). One example of current work is the construction and development of a computer interface for the visually impaired. Sten-Olof’s main occupation and profession is as a composer working with electro-acoustic music. His music has been performed and broadcast around the world . He is also active as a performer playing live electro-acoustic music on his own and with others such as Ann Rosén, John Bowers, Bennett Hogg and Simon Vincent. Sten Olof is also part of Zapruda Trio, the Aspen Duo, Enscharm and others.Yoshi AkaiYoshi Akai is an artist from Japan,living and working in Stockholm. At the moment Yoshi is a guest artist at the Art & Technology department at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm. Yoshi is mainly working with building new experimental interfaces for music instruments. In the act Build an Bend Yoshi will play with some of the instruments that he has been building. The instruments are build from materials that you don´t usually see or assosiate to music instrument; legos, crispbread etc..

Friday, August 15, 2008, 19:30