Data Science Day 2016

Data Science Day is part of SICS Software Week 2016.

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More about SICS new research group Learning Machines and the Rise Data Science initiative.

Data Science Day explores the ongoing global paradigm shift to smart datadriven technologies and applications in all industries. Speakers from leading industry and academia present the latest developments in machine learning, scalable platforms, and AI, and their implications for next generation smart datadriven products, services, production, and automation.

Data Science Day is organised together with RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. Hosted by Daniel Gillblad and Sverker Janson, SICS Swedish ICT.

presentations and videos, Data Science Day 2016

Welcome and Introduction
Daniel Gillblad, SICS Swedish ICT.

Reasoning 2.0 or Machine Learning and Logic — the beginnings of a new computer science.
Vijay Saraswat, Chief Scientist Deep Compliance, IBM Research.

Machine Learning the Product.
Boxun Zhang, Data Scientist, Spotify.

Machine Learning for Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Network Time-Series Data.
Jaeseong Jeong, Experienced Researcher, Ericsson Research.

SCANIA’s Path Towards Becoming Data-Driven.
Staffan Persson, Head of Operational Data and Analysis and Erik Malmkvist, Head of Service Support Solutions, Scania R&D. 

Graph Stream Processing: An Upcoming Paradigm for Spinning Fast Graph Analytics.
Paris Carbone, KTH.

Learning to Communicate with Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.
Jakob Foerster, University of Oxford.

Concept Mining at Scale.
Olof Görnerup, SICS Swedish ICT.

Understanding Human Facial Expressions.
Abubakrelsedik Karali, SICS Swedish ICT.

Data Science in the Age of Automation.
Devdatt Dubhashi, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology.

Predicting with Confidence.
Henrik Boström, Professor, Stockholm University.

Breaking the 1 Million Barrier with Hops Hadoop.
Jim Dowling, Associate Professor, KTH and SICS Swedish ICT.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 08:30 to 16:30
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Kista Sciene Tower
Färögatan 33
Sverker Janson