Exhibition opening of Studio [12-21]:s project [flyttfåglar]!

A vanful of furniture and boxes placed in various locations will most likely gain some attantion from the residents of Växjö. This is the exhibition of the project [flyttfåglar] - migratory birds - where young people share their stories about moving to Växjö.

For almost two months now, six young people (13-18 years old) with different experiences of moving have been working with their digital stories on this theme. The stories are now ready to be integrated in an vanful of furniture and boxes and meet the residents of Växjö through various locations, to allude issues like moving, migration, etnicity, borders and identity for example. We use digital photoframes to make the digital stories a part of the installaton, and the opening of the exhibition will take place thursday the 31st of May at the Swedish Emigrant Institute in Växjö. This is a place where old, traditional stories about leaving Växjö now will meet digital stories about moving to Växjö.


The exhibition will then move to a display case on the main street in Växjö, a place mostly used for commercial advertising and rarely for peoples own stories and experiences. After this we will set up the exhibition at the city library and then it can be seen in the Municipal Hall. The stories will also be distributed online at Utbildningsradions web Rum för berättande www.ur.se/rfb


Welcome to Växjö and [flyttfåglar]!

Thursday, May 31, 2007, 20:00