Future Media Distribution using Information Centric Networks

The event “Future Media Distribution using Information Centric Networks” took place on the 13th of February at Ericsson premises in Kista, Sweden. The event attracted 140 participants, from EFRAIM, SAIL, European consortium and a mix of interested organizations. These organizations represented Telecom vendors, operators, content delivery networks, TV broadcasters and research organizations. The audience took an active part in the discussions, and there were several interactive sessions, so the main impression from the event is that it was very open, interesting and fruitful.

The two projects, SAIL and EFRAIM complement each other and this contributed to make the event a success. SAIL is just at its end, and has prototypes and research results showing possible solutions for media distribution in the future. EFRAIM has just started, and has a strong focus on the current industry situation and how to bring industry actors together to overcome obstacles.

The main purpose of the event was to present and discuss challenges and solutions related to media distribution as of today and tomorrow. Some of the questions that were dealt with, were on the topics of which are the revenue models of today relating to media distribution over Internet, and how are they changing? In relation to this, how can we monitor that the customers get the quality that they pay for? And would there be a benefit to some of the actors in the distribution chain to collaborate and share information related to this? This specific question is central to the EFRAIM project, and the question will be further elaborated in follow up industry talks with relevant actors in the media distribution industry.

Another central topic in EFRAIM is understanding users’ content demand patterns. In one of the workshop, detailed measurements were presented, outlining content demand and potential benefit from e.g. caching data close to the users.

Summing up, this event kicked off several EFRAIM activities, which will continue to be developed over the coming 1.5 year. Those that would like to get involved are welcome to contact us.


Available slides and information from from the conference:

Information Centric Networking for Media Distribution: Will it Blend?
A vendor perspective…

(Dave Oran, Cisco Systems)

Quality of experience measurements - Technologies and who knows what
(Jörgen Gustafsson, Ericsson Research)

Efraim project in short


Value Networks and Business Models of Information-centric Networking, Tapio Levä, Aalto University

Please visit http://www.sail-project.eu/future-media-distribution-information-centric... to read more on the agenda and topics

Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 08:30 to 17:00
Kista Kista