Interactive Institute pieces and people at the OSC09 festival, Färgfabriken

OSC09 is a new festival for electronic music and art at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. Of course we are there!

The festival is produced by Färgfabriken and Landet and takes place on three nights 13-15 august 2009. See for more information. Among the live acts and exhibits there are several from the Interactive Institute:

Mental Radio is a piece that asks the visitors to attempt to use their extra-sensory perception to find inspiration to make a drawing (on a white paper on top of a wacom tablet). As a source of inspiration an original drawing is shown on a secondary screen that the user cannot see. All drawings that are made are stored on the computer. Mental Radio is a piece by Ulrika Sparre, made during her stay as Artist in Residence at Interactive Institute Art & Technology, programmed by Fredrik Bridell.

Yoshi Akai makes his own experimental musical instrumen, beautifully crafted in wood, metal and analog electronics. Yoshi is a guest at Interactive Institute Art & Technology.

Brainbar is a mechanical bar that measures the brainwaves of the
guest and automatically makes a drink adapted to that person. Concept:
Thomas Broomé and Ingvar Sjöberg at what was then Interactive Institute Smart Studio, produced by Albin Karlsson and Bruno Tardat from Glittermek.


Thursday, August 13, 2009, 02:00