Internet of Things: No Batteries Required


The Internet of Things represents a unique development opportunity for sensing applications. Wireless sensors are nonetheless limited in their development potential by their energy source: batteries. Batteries are sometimes unreliable and they must be charged or replaced periodically - a maintenance issue that may not work well with the IoT. At this seminar we will talk about two ways towards battery-free wireless sensors: - Backscatter, using existing RF waves for communication instead of generating expensive RF waves. - Energy harvesting: using energy from the environment, such as solar radiation and vibrations. Further, we will also discuss the potential of battery-free IoT in buildings and how you can work with us.

Speakers: Thiemo Voigt, SICS and Uppsala University Klas Hjort, Uppsala University Joachim Lindborg, Sustainable Innovation

Friday, October 23, 2015, 09:00
SICS Swedish ICT, room Knuth
Isafjordsgatan 22
Thiemo Voigt