Järnvägsseminarium; optimering-järnväg-tågledning

Torsdag 5 februari kl 10.00 hålls ett seminarium inom temat "optimering-järnväg-tågledning" vid SICS Swedish ICT i Kista. Lokal: Knuth. Abstrakt och titel, se nedan.
Besökarna från SINTEF Optimization kommer också att ge en översikt av sin verksamhet. 

Mellan kl. 11-12 presenterar SICS sin järnvägsverksamhet.

Det står fritt att delta på delar av seminariet.
Anmäl dig här: http://simplesignup.se/event/56279-sintef-seminarium-paa-sics


Mathematical decomposition techniques for train dispatching and timetabling Tomas Nordlander, Leonardo Lamorgese, Carlo Mannino SINTEF, Oslo, Norway

Our team at SINTEF Optimization has been involved in different projects in the railway domain, mainly addressing problems lying on the operational and tactical level. In particular, we have been focusing on train dispatching, the real-time rescheduling and rerouting challenge that arises in railway traffic management.  In our work, we show that this optimization problem can be tackled effectively by integer programming using suitable exact and approximate decomposition techniques , so improving train punctuality. A decision support system based on these ideas was put in operation in Norway in February 2014 in a dispatching central in Stavanger. In another, recent project, we showed how these ideas can be extended and applied (successfully) to tackle the "off-line", tactical version of the dispatching problem, namely train timetabling.  In such project, we developed an algorithm for automated timetable generation commissioned by the Norwegian Infrastructure manager (JBV)'s capacity planning department. Tests on a line in Norway showed how the "nominal" timetabling problem could be solved in seconds with a significant increase in the number of scheduled trains, therefore also improving resource utilization and increasing capacity.

Thursday, February 5, 2015, 10:00 to 12:00
Knuth, SICS Swedish ICT Kista
Martin Joborn