2010-03-21--25 in San Diego, USA

Acreo had a great impact on this year's main conference for research in fiber optics, transmission and networking - OFC / NFOEC 2010: Five scientific contributions from Acreo were accepted to the conference. Two of these were "Invited talks" where Acreo researchers have become specially invited to speak.

  • “The Convergence of Wired and Wireless Services Delivery in Access and In-Home Networks ”, Mikhail Popov, Invited, OFC-OWQ6.
  • ”The Impact of Peer-to-Peer Networking on User Behaviour and Network Design”, C P Larsen, A Gavler and S Junique, Invited, NFOEC-NTuA5.
  • “100 Gb/s Complete ETDM System Based on Monolithically Integrated Transmitter and Receiver Modules”, K. Wang, J. Li, A Djupsjöbacka, U Westergren, S Popov, G Jacobsen, V Hurm, RE Makon, H Walcher, J Rosenzweig, AG Steffan, GG Mekonen, NFOEC-NME1.
  • “RF-Assisted Optical Dual-Carrier 112 Gbit/s Polarization-Multiplexed 16-QAM Transmitter”, BE Olsson, J Mårtensson, A Kristiansson and Arne Alping, OFC-OMK5.
  • “Transceiver Modules Utilizing Travelling-Wave Electro-Absorption Modulator”, Marek Chacinski, Urban Westergren, Björn Stoltz, Rachid Driad, Robert E. Makon, Volker Hurm, Josef Rosenzweig, Jie Li, Andreas G. Steffan, OFC-WN4.

Press release: Acreos bredbandskompetens vinner internationellt erkännande

We'll be there: 

Claus Popp Larsen, Mikhail Popov, Jie Li.

Sunday, March 21, 2010, 10:00 to Thursday, March 25, 2010, 18:00
San Diego, USA