Participatory Academy 12 September 2008

A world of stories!The digital era has changed the rules of media and education. Nowadays the traditional broadcasters, film companies and other creators of content are challenged by a new competitor - the audience itself. Helped by inexpensive home computers and an increasingly faster Internet millions of new producers have published themselves with websites as Youtube and Myspace serving as their home. Sharing thoughts, experiences and memories through pictures or video has become part of daily life for many young people all over the world.Traditional broadcasters and educators face the same challange: How can we attract and involve the most demanding target group ever?

Share your story!Participatory Academy is a forum for all media professionals, teachers and researchers engaged in collaborative methods and techniques. It's a meeting point for those who want to improve their skills, develop new ideas and get inspired by eminent collegues from many countries.The theme this year is "A world of stories" and will give the participants a new toolbox for using digital stories in their programs or lessons. The workshop will be built up step by step with a mix of inspiring lectures and hands on working sessions. As always during Participatory Academy a team of young people will interact with the professionals in the creative process.

Participatory Academy since 2003Four times since 2003 the Interactive Institute and Swedish Television, in cooperation with Växjö University, Prix Europa, EBU and other Nordic partners have invited practitioners and researchers to a creative weekend in Växjö on cross media. Approximately 100 people from the whole of Europe have participated each year – attending lectures, contributing with their ideas in working sessions, exchanging experiences and having a good time while building a professional network for the future.Do you work with young people in media or education and do you want to learn the secrets of successful co-participatory work? Then you should attend the Participatory Academy held in Växjö, Sweden the 12-14th of September 2008.Welcome! 

Friday, September 12, 2008, 15:00