Politician in town

On this rather chilly and raniy Thursday Miljöpartiets (The Green party´s) Maria Wetterstrand visited Eskilstuna as a stop in her campain tour before the EU-elections.

Sara Tunheden at Energy Design  took the opportunity to present Interactive Institute and show Wetterstrand the Power Chord and the Aware Clock, both of which amused and interested  the politician as well as the audience. Sara also asked about the party´s intentions to support realization of ideas/prototypes made at the institute. Wetterstrand referred to the Socialdemocratic Party in this matter, because, as she said "we have an agreement on this with them".

The meeting took place at Remade Sweden, and Maria Wetterstrand was duly impressed by the various ways to use waste on display. She suggested a shop in central Stockholm and could foresee a success for the products.

The over all impression of the meeting was positive and enjoyable.



Thursday, June 4, 2009, 02:14