Psychologist in a Pocket, by Jó Ágila Bitsch from RWTH Aachen University

Jó Ágila Bitsch from RWTH Aachen University is visiting us this upcoming Friday and will give a talk about his recent work in mobile health.


Talk title: Psychologist in a Pocket - Towards Psychological Screening on Mobile Devices
Time: Friday June 5, 14.00
Room: Knuth


Depression is the most prevalent clinical disorder and one of the main causes of disability. This makes early detection of depressive symptoms critical in its prevention and management. We developed Psychologist in a Pocket (PiaP), a mental mHealth app for mobile phones which aims at screening and monitoring for these symptoms.

Similarly, bringing research tools like eye- and gaze-tracking and EEG devices out of the lab into the pockets of practitioners and researchers may fundamentally change the way we perform diagnostics and research. While most of the current techniques are limited to research clinics and require excessive set-up, new mobile accessories connected to standard, off-the-shelf mobile devices allow us to lift these limitations. This allows neuropsychological assessment and research in mobile settings, possibly even in remote areas with limited accessibility and infrastructure, thus bringing the equipment to the patient, instead of bringing the patient to the equipment.

Short Bio

Jó is a Researcher at the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems at RWTH Aachen University. His research focus lies in Wireless Sensor Networks and Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking, but also Indoor Navigation and mobile Health. Currently, he is working with the Geology department to better detect landslides using sensor networks, designs algorithms and builds systems for neighbor detection and routing in delay tolerant systems and develops indoor navigation systems that don't depend on any additional infrastructure, as well as
a buch of other things.

Friday, June 5, 2015, 14:00
SICS Swedish ICT, room Knuth
Isafjordsgatan 22
Anders Lindgren