RISE Data Science Kickoff and 1st Brokering Event

On April 4, the RISE Data Science initiative met in Kista for a full day get-together featuring inspiring short talks, idea and project brokering, and discussions around artificial intelligence, machine learning and industrial data science challenges. 

Morning session: short talks

The RISE Data Science initiative
Åsa Rudström, RISE SICS

What is Data Science?
Henrik Boström, RISE SICS & SU

Data Science at Ericsson
Rickard Cöster, Ericsson

Measuring the Impossible 
Ragne Emardsson, RISE Measurement Sci&Tech

SICS ICE – a data center for R&D
and Data for Innovation 
Björn Hovstadius, RISE SICS

Reintroducing the Stream Processor: A Universal Tool for Continuous Data Analytical Needs
Paris Carbone, KTH

Communication and data analysis for transport systems
Hoai Hoang Bengtsson, RISE Viktoria

How data scientists use real-time analytics at King
Gyula Fora, King

Towards the Digital Bioeconomy
Peter Hansen, RISE Bioeconomy

Afternoon session - open space workshop on the following topics:

Machine Learning helpdesk - Henrik Boström, RISE SICS & SU
Analyzing Natural Language - Magnus Sahlgren, Olof Görnerup, RISE SICS
Continuous analytics - Paris Carbone, KTH, Gyula Fora, King
Real life applications of data analytics - Anders Holst, Jan Ekman, RISE SICS
Blockchain innovation - Babak Sadighi, Erik Rissanen, RISE SICS
Data Science Collaboration within RISE - Åsa Rudström, Björn Hovstadius

Finale: How will we proceed to really reach the benefits of data science? 
A panel with Rickard Cöster, Peter Hansen, Ragne Emardson and Henrik Boström

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017
    @Ericsson (Oceania) Kista, Stockholm
    Åsa Rudström