RISE SICS Security Day 2017

Here you will find presentations from the 2017 Ericsson & RISE SICS Security Day

 Blockchain for Decentralized Internet   (slides in pdf)          
Muneeb Ali - Blockstack co-funder    

Digital Certificates for IoT (slides in pdf)                                            
Martin Furuhed - Nexus, Product Manager

RISE SICS Security Lab – Current and Future activities  (slides in pdf)
Shahid Raza (RISE SICS, Head of Security Lab)

Lightweight Application layer IoT security  (slides in pdf                            
Göran Selander, Ericsson Research, Master Researcher

On the Security and Scalability of Blockchains (presenation not available)                                              
Karame Ghassan (NEC Labs, Manager of Security R&D )

Why Election Security Matters!   (slides in pdf)               
Carsten Schuermann (ITU Copenhagen, Associate Professor)

Software security and Hypervisors (recording not available) slides in pdf                                          
Arash Vahidi (RISE SICS, Senior Researcher)

Trust in public clouds and keep pies away from kids (youtube)   (slides available here)                               
Antonis Michalas (University of Westminster, Head of Cyber Security Group) 

Eva Fogelström, Director Security Research at Ericsson


Thursday, September 7, 2017
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