Seminar 19/8: Experiencing Remote Events through Multiple Livestreams, by Gina Venolia, Microsoft Redmond office


Mobile livestreaming has surged in popularity in the last 6 months since the emergence of apps such as Meerkat and Periscope.  Livestreams provide a raw, immediate way for broadcasters and their viewers to share an experience.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to find interesting material to watch.  We have found that a few simple rules can detect spatiotemporal clusters of livestreams, which are often depicting interesting events.  We are exploring how to craft experiences for livestream clusters for viewers and broadcasters alike, through the development and study of four prototypes.  One visualizes livestream clusters as they happen in the world; another foregrounds the spatial relationships between livestreams; a third adds event-level communication to the mix; and the last helps a viewer select views to watch based on other viewers' behavior.  Taken together, these explorations support the value of taking an event-level perspective on livestreaming, but leave many questions open for future research in this area.


Gina Venolia is a senior researcher with Microsoft Research. Her research focuses on understanding how knowledge flows among people and building systems to make it flow more freely in both work and personal contexts. Her recent work in rich-media communication has focused on synchronous and asynchronous video and telepresence in real-world environments.

Everyone is most welcome!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 11:00
SICS, room Knuth
Isafjordsgatan 22