Seminar by prof. Anwitaman Datta (NTU, Singapore)

Welcome to the talk by prof.
Anwitaman Datta (NTU, Singapore) 


TITLE: Some Ingredients for Decentralized Social


WHEN: Sep 23 Fri, 14:00


WHERE: SICS, Knuth seminar room


ABSTRACT: Decentralization of online social networking
promises to bring autonomy and privacy to the end users by providing control of
their data. However, the path to decentralization is strewn with many
challenges. This talk will discuss some of the many challenges and
corresponding (early) solutions in realizing a decentralized online social
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BIO OF THE SPEAKER: Anwitaman Datta joined NTU Singapore in 2006
after receiving his PhD. from EPFL Switzerland. He is interested in large-scale
networked distributed information systems and social collaboration networks,
self-organization and algorithmic issues of these systems and networks and
their scalability, resilience and performance. He leads the Self-* and
Algorithmic aspects of Networked Distributed Systems (SANDS) research group at



Friday, September 23, 2011, 16:00