Swedish research delegation's visit to Singapore


With the financial support of the Knowledge Foundation, a delegation of 30 representatives of Swedish research and development in the fields of moving images, visualization and ICT will visit Singapore on September 14-20, 2008. The purpose of the visit is to find common grounds between research andbusiness development in Singapore and Sweden. The aim is to create sustainable intra-personal and intra-institutional relations and networks between parties in each country.

The origins of the visit date back to November 2005, when the CEOs of Sweden’s independentresearch foundations made a trip to evaluate Singapore’s rapid progress. As a result NTU and the Swedish parties decided to collaborate on arranging aworkshop in September 2008 with a purpose to build a platform for long-termco-operation for future exchange between Sweden and Singapore within relevant fields. Ten Swedish researchers from Malmö University, BTH and Interactive Institute will join this workshop.

The Knowledge Foundation is one of several research financers behind the Visualization Programme, which was launched in 2007. Eight researchers connected to the Visualization Programme and its two arenas, C-site in Norrköping/ Linköping and Centre of Visualization Göteborg, will join in the visit to Singapore.



Sunday, September 14, 2008, 02:00