Talk by new ERCIM fellow at SICS, Antonis Michalas

Trust & Privacy in Distributed Networks


During the last decade the field of online communities has greatly developed. The main reasons of this evolution are not only the ease of comprehension and use, but also the large degree of accessible information and services. These aspects facilitate the exchange of information among unknown users while giving them the option to keep their identity hidden. Nevertheless, there are cases where corrupted users create counterfeit identities and steal, damage, or change information and data of legitimate users.

Moreover, by taking into consideration the fact that the publication of information is now an inexpensive and easy process, we easily conclude that many security risks arise every day. One topic that is lately receiving lot of attention, not only throughout the research community but between users and industry as well, is how to protect user's privacy in an increasingly surveilled world.

This presentation will focus on the field of privacy over widely deployed communication networks. First, an analysis of the basic properties of privacy in online communities will be presented. Then, novel schemes with main aim to protect legitimate users from exposing their private data to unauthorized ones will be described. Finally, protocols that enhance the anonymity of users will be introduced. A topic which has lately become controversial and much publicized.


Dr. Antonis Michalas received his PhD on Network Security from Aalborg University, Denmark. His research interests include private and secure e-voting systems, reputation systems, privacy in decentralized environments, cloud computing and privacy preserving protocols in participatory sensing applications.

Dr. Michalas has published a significant number of papers in field-related journals and conferences and has participated as a speaker in various conferences and workshops. Information on all of the above may be found at the following web page

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 10:00
SICS, room Knuth
Isafjordsgatan 22, 6 tr