Welcome to Multicore Day 2010

It is our pleasure to invite you to Multicore Day 2010 in  Kista, September 9.Multicore
processors are replacing single core processors in servers, personal
computers and embedded systems alike. To leverage multicore, all
software must be parallel. How can we meet this challenge? What are the
current options? What happens internationally and in Sweden?The
annual Multicore Days in Kista feature leading international and
Swedish experts from industry and academia, who present the cutting
edge of multicore computing technologies. This year's keynote speakers
are:- Tomas Evensen, CTO Wind River- Per Hammarlund, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel- Niklas Gustafsson, Principal Software Architect, Microsoft

Multicore Day 2010 is organized by the Swedish Multicore Initiative and SICS, and sponsored by Enea, Freescale, and National Instruments.

Multicore Day 2010 is free of charge.

Program and abstracts here.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010, 11:00