Blockchain Innovation Centre

The Blockchain Innovation Center is a competence center dedicated to the development and application of blockchain technology. With an interdisciplinary team of experts we develop and validate the technical and business potential of blockchain applications.

The Blockchain Innovation Center is at the forefront of the blockchain innovation curve. This largely unexplored technology offers enormous potential across many areas.

With a interdisciplinary network of experts – covering everything from finance, political science, law, artificial intelligence, distributed systems and computer security ­– The Blockchain Innovation Center develops and validates innovative solutions together with leading companies in the banking, healthcare, government, supply-chain and manufacturing sectors.

The Blockchain Innovation Centre offers researchers and companies the opportunity to participate in applied research in this exciting new area to develop and utilize business-ready applications in a highly collaborative and creative environment.

Our current focus areas include, privacy enhancing identity management and smart contract management for efficient trade finance and trusted supply-chain processes.  

More information about what we do and how to become a supporting member of the innovation centre, will come up here shortly.

Founding team

The Blockchain Innovation Centre is now up and running. It has been started by Babak Sadighi and Erik Rissanen who met while researching IT security at RISE SICS. They went on to establish Axiomatics, a global provider of disruptive authorization software for government, the Fortune 1000 and beyond.

Now, in their next initiative, they are turning to blockchain technology, where they intend to lead research and develop market ready solutions for the international marketplace.

If you want to find out more, become a contributing member company or join the team: contact Babak at Babak.Sadighi [at]

Photo of Babak Sadighi

              Babak Sadighi

Photo of Erik Rissanen

                Erik Rissanen


Erik Rissanen
Chief Technical Officer at Blockchain Innovation Centre

erik.rissanen [at]

Babak Sadighi
Director of Blockchain Innovation Centre
+46 70 229 0701
babak.sadighi [at]